DIGITAL SCANNING: allows a high resolution accurate 3D image of the foot, cast or impression box to be captured and imported into the design software. NO MORE manual casting and messy plaster of paris

VIRTUAL POSITIVE: the creation of a “virtual” positive allows accurate application of your prescription variables to the foot scan. The “virtual” positive can be adjusted to satisfy your changing prescription requirements and stored,  removing the need for additional casting or cast storage.

DESIGN STORAGE: your orthotic design is digitally stored allowing easy ordering of repeat pairs or modification of design parameters.

CAD CAM: Computer aided manufacturing decreases turnaround time to you and increases the accuracy of the finished product.

REDUCED BULK: direct milling technology results in a more accurate EVA shell compared to the same thickness of vacuum-formed materials. This allows a reduction in orthotic bulk whilst not compromising on performance.

FLEXIBILITY OPTIONS: Direct milling allows EVA orthotic shell thickness to be modified by fractions of a millimeter rather than 1mm increments, resulting in a wide range of flexibility options to suit your prescription needs.

QUALITY MATERIAL: We offer 2 varieties of material, ensuring both price and quality. Our imported  material from Italy, whilst more expensive due to ROE pressure, comes with CE mark approval so it is both very light and certified to be worn against the skin.

REPEAT SCRIPTS: You can quickly get a repeat script made to suit your other shoes without the need to re-scan or visit your practitioner.  They can also make small modifications should you experience discomfort and re-make your pair.

8 reasons to use a “Digitally Compliant” practitioner