The "inserts" that have been dispensed to you are called ORTHOTICS.  They are custom made from the Digital imprint of your foot that conform to the shape and contours of your feet.  The orthotics are designed to correct the alignment of your feet & legs, thus relieving symptoms of abnormal foot function.  During the next few weeks your body will gradually become accustomed to this new alignment.  Because each person is different this period of adjustment may differ from person to person.  It can take anywhere from one to six weeks before you feel re-adjusted.  During this time you may experience mild discomfort in your knees, hips or lower back.  This is temporary, and should disappear when the orthotics have been "worn in".  Please be PATIENT!


     Day one.  Wear the orthotics for one hour only, regardless of if you sit or stand, then remove.

     Day two.  Wear the orthotics for a maximum of two hours.

Thereafter increase the wearing time by one hour per day, until the orthotics are fully comfortable. If you are still experiencing discomfort, reduce your wearing time.

If after six full weeks you have not fully adjusted, contact your practitioner as a small adjustment may be necessary.

     NEVER attempt to adjust the orthotics yourself.


Blistering may occur especially in the long arches of the feet.  Vaseline can be applied to the area prior to putting on your socks.     

     Cut back on using the orthotics if muscle strains are felt.

     Only use a cloth with luke warm water to clean the top of your orthotics.  NEVER immerse them in water or use strong detergents.

     When purchasing new shoes, take your orthotics to insure a proper fit. 


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Wearing in your “New” Digital Orthotics