Ripple Effect Milling is an out-sourced orthotic solution for practitioners who want to convert to a digital workflow, without the expense of investing in the milling hardware themselves. By integrating the EasyCAD LITE software with a Sensor Medica Pressure plate (alternative plates also supported) and/or a 3D scanner, a practice is able to digitally design orthotics and send through the completed design electronically.

Ripple Effect then mill that orthotic from a range of high quality EVA (as selected by the practice from a wide range of imported materials).

The EVA can be milled on High Definition (HD) or on Standard Definition (SD). SD pairs require a covering material to be laminated to the top surface.

Our range of covers are sourced both locally and overseas and range from synthetic to geuine leather. Regardless of the finish, the quality of EVA allows for perfect consistency of the finished orthotic.

The Vx1-R machine mills the orthotic to within 2 micron (0.2mm) of your design, which means you get exactly what the pracitioner intended for you. Simple, repeatability of the process, speed and accuracy of patient capture, and massive time savings result in a happy patient, and a far more efficient practice.,

Our Current capacity is 2,500 pairs per month but we can quickly grow to 3,500 per month should the need arise.