Many people experience some kind of joint pain, whether it is in their hips, knees, or ankles. The source of the pain in these areas can often be traced back to a lack of proper support of the feet.

If the arches of the feet are not properly supported they can collapse, causing a ripple effect of misalignment that moves up from the arch of the foot, through the ankles and shins to the knees, and on to the hips, back, and neck. Misaligned joints can become increasingly inflamed, which results in pain. A lack of alignment also increases the chance of injury.

Digital Orthotics and SoleFlex Sandals can help to reduce or eliminate these problems by dealing with them right at the source — your feet. The orthopaedic shape of orthotics provides custom support for the arches of your feet. This support encourages correct alignment, which has been shown to eliminate chronic pain throughout the body.

Please note: If your pain persists, seek the advice of a medical professional.

Joint Pain